A digital traceability chain for AC voltage and current

Short Name: DIG-AC, Project Number: 17RPT03
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Facilitating digital measurements of AC voltage and current

Digital technologies are at the heart of a wide range of industries, from healthcare to advanced manufacturing. A vital part of ensuring Europe’s continuing success in these sectors is the implementation of a robust digital infrastructure. However, there are still a number of barriers to overcome in order to guarantee that industrial instruments are accurate and aligned to international standards. One challenge is facilitating the transition from analogue to digital measurements of AC voltage and current, and particularly so for dynamic conditions – as measurements performed at national measurement institutes (NMIs) still typically use static frameworks.


This project will advance the European capability for digital evaluation of dynamic AC voltage and current by utilising quantum standards and developing publicly available measurement systems. Since electrical analysis supports up to 70 % of NMI measurement and calibration activities, this project will help many areas of industry to obtain the accurate and dynamic device calibrations that are invaluable to the digitally-based operations, products, and services of the future.

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