Research capabilities for radiation protection dosimeters

Short Name: DOSEtrace, Project Number: 17RPT01
Image showing Dosimeter at Chernobyl, Ukraine
Exclusion Zone in Chernobyl, Ukraine - 2016.03.19 - Dosimeter

Improving Europe’s calibration facilities for radiation monitoring equipment

Radiation protection dosimeters are used to assess human exposure and environmental contamination due to ionizing radiation in a variety of settings, including hospitals and industry. To meet regulatory requirements, technical services across Europe need to be established or improved for the calibration of radiation monitoring equipment. By having facilities with trained staff, emerging National Measurement Institutes could deliver the traceable measurements needed and participate in research activity.


This project has developed and validated, through international intercomparisons, calibration capabilities for radiation protection dosimeters; the targeted dose measurement accuracy is 5 % or less. The emerging NMIs of participating countries will develop their technical capacity in ionizing radiation dosimetry in order to provide better measurement accuracy for end-users. Project results will also support the further development of international standards, thereby benefitting the wider scientific and industrial community.


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Other Participants
Elliniki Epitropi Atomikis Energeias (Greece)
National Scientific Centre Institute of Metrology (Ukraine)
Universidad de Santiago de Compostela (Spain)