Subject Reg. No. Starting TITLE Coordinating Institute Status Collaboration Type KCDB
IR 304 1994-01-01 Standardization of 133 Xe LNE-LNHB completed Research
AUV 311 1994-01-01 A comparison method for microphone pressure calibration NPL completed Research
PR 353 1994-01-01 Transmittance measurements on V(lambda) filters RISE completed Comparison
PR 374 1994-01-01 Spectral Responsitivity Scales NPL completed Traceabillity
L 308 1994-03-01 Measurement of external diameter of metallic wires LNE completed Comparison
T 309 1994-03-01 ReproducIbility of the ITS-90 between 13,8 K and 303 K NPL completed Comparison
IR 320 1994-03-01 Intercomparison of measurement of tritiated water by internal proportional gas counting NPL completed Comparison
T 249 1994-03-14 Training courses on temperature standards. NPL completed Research
M 305 1994-04-01 Comparison measurement in the pressure range 1 to 5 MPa PTB completed Comparison EUROMET.M.P-K2
L 301 1994-04-01 Intercomparison of calibration facilities for depth setting standards VSL completed Comparison
MC 316 1994-04-01 Realizing traceability by n(^13C)/n(^12C) measurements in CO_2 IDMS PTB completed Research
AUV 312 1994-06-01 Measurements with coupled microphone simulator NPL completed Consultation
M 317 1994-06-01 Mathematical models for linearizing the scales of balances INRIM completed Research
M 318 1994-06-01 Study of balance for ground vibrations INRIM completed Research
M 328 1994-07-22 Enquiry on the cleaning of stainless steel mass standards INRIM completed Research
L 330 1994-08-01 Nordic intercomparison of coordinate measuring machines (CMM) RISE completed Comparison
L 283 1994-11-01 Workshop on uncertainty in dimensional metrology VSL completed Consultation
M 303 1994-11-01 Intercomparison of viscosity standards in the low viscosity range PTB completed Comparison EUROMET.M.V-S2
F 307 1994-11-01 Sonic Nozzle intercomparison NEL completed Comparison
M 310 1994-12-07 Workshop on statement of uncertainty of force standard machines LNE completed Consultation
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