Workshop on uncertainty in dimensional metrology

Project Description

Principles and practical methods for the expression of uncertainty in measurement have been reviewed in recent years by the ISO/TAG4/WG3. The application of these methods is certainly not yet well established. Therefore it was stated in the EUROMET meeting of contact persons for LENGTH in November 1992 that a workshop dealing with the application of methods for the expression of uncertainty in dimensional metrology would be of value for the scientists working in this field. Possible subjects as recognised now are:

  • Introduction to the principles for the ISO Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement
  • Application of distribution models in measurement practice
  • Uncertainty of measurements made with legally verified instruments
  • Calibration certificate
  • Possible sources of uncertainty in dimensional measurements
  • Asymmetric uncertainty (angle deviations in length measurement, etc.)
  • Uncertainty budget listing
  • Propagation of uncertainty in the measurement of straightness and flatness