The list shows all projects coordinated within the Technical Committee for Time and Frequency.

Projects TC-TF

Subject Reg. No. Starting TITLE Coordinating Institute Status Collaboration Type KCDB
EM, TF 1589 2023-05-01 Pilot Study: Comparison of Phase Noise Measurements LNE-LTFB in progress Comparison
TF 1519 2021-02-25 UTC(k) definition point and reference delay measurement strategies GUM in progress Research
TF 1485 2019-04-01 Supplementary comparison: Time Interval Measurements GUM in progress Comparison EURAMET.TF-S1
TF 1288 2013-10-16 Pilot study: Time interval comparison MIRS completed Comparison
TF 1156 2010-06-01 GPS link calibrations in support of CCTF-K001.UTC ROA ongoing Research
TF 1152 2010-04-01 GNSS receiver performance monitoring GUM ongoing Research
TF 1146 2010-04-01 Time Transfer using Optical Fiber Links ÚFE/IPE in progress Research
TF 1130 2010-04-01 Preparation of a EURAMET guideline for the assessment of calibration laboratories using GPS signals for frequency and time traceability NPL completed Research
TF 1118 2010-04-01 Cooperation of European NMIs t&f laboratories in EMRP/A169 project calls MIRS/SIQ/Metrology completed Research
TF 1117 2009-05-12 Survey of European countries' legal time regulations and practices MIRS/SIQ/Metrology completed Consultation
TF 1018 2008-01-10 Survey of GNSS receivers in use for time transfer in T&F labs METAS completed Research
TF 1017 2008-01-10 Workshop for EURAMET T&F laboratories METAS completed Consultation
TF 860 2005-04-11 Time comparison using transportable Cs-clock MIKES completed Comparison
TF 847 2005-06-01 Metrology applications of dual-mixer time-difference multiplication ÚFE/IPE completed Research
TF 828 2004-12-23 EUROMET supplementary comparison TF.TI-K1 Comparison of time interval (cable delay) measurement MIRS completed Comparison
TF 731 2003-04-04 Analysis and review of CMCs in 2003 for Time and Frequency field MIRS/SIQ/Metrology completed Consultation
TF 651 2002-04-01 Ultra-sensitive short-term frequency and phase stability measurement ÚFE/IPE completed Research
TF 584 2000-03-01 Cooperation on Galileo programme by European time and frequency centres ROA completed Research
TF 531 2006-04-16 Traceability of computer synchronised using Network Time Protocol to national timing centers ROA completed Research
TF 529 1999-11-01 Comparison of the GPS time scale locally generated by NBS type receivers using a travelling standard ROA completed Research
TF 321 1995-03-07 Stability Characteristics of Measurement Systems for Frequency and Time Comparisons BEV completed Research
TF 179 1990-01-01 Cs-beam frequency standard with magnetic state selection METAS completed Research
TF 169 1988-07-01 Synchronization of time using telecommunication satellites INRIM completed Comparison
TF 16 1989-04-01 Automatic clock data acquisition and time scale computation METAS completed Research
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