Cs-beam frequency standard with magnetic state selection

The Observatory of Neuchatel, under the sponsorship of the Federal Office of Metrology, has a plan to develop 3 Primary Cs-beam Frequency Standards. Two standards are intended to be of classical design, based upon the magnetic state selection (Phase A of the programme). The main objective of phase A is the solution of two problems affecting the accuracy of the present primary standards: the cavity phase shift and the frequency shift associated with the magnetic inhomogeneity. To this purpose an extensive consultation with the following European laboratories is planned: PTB (Germany), LPTF and LHA (France), and Ancona University (Italy).

The programme responds to the need, formulated by the BIPM, of new accurate primary standards in order to distribute amoung several laboratories the weight of the accurate realization of the SI second, presently carried on by PTB almost alone.

Further Information

Participation is open to other interested labs.: IEN, Italy; NPL, England; VNIIPTRI, Russia.

Time and Frequency (TF)
L. Prost, METAS (Switzerland)
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METAS (Switzerland)
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