Workshop for EURAMET T&F laboratories

Project Description

Within EURAMET there are many Time and Frequency (T&F) laboratories that contribute to UTC. Some of them have frequent visits from people working in the field. Their scientific activities are well known through publications and communications at international conferences such as EFTF.

But there are also T&F laboratories that are less known. Their every day work is seldom presented at scientific meetings and often foreign colleagues are not aware of the equipment that is in use in these institutes.

The present proposal aims at organizing a one-day-workshop for EUROMET T&F laboratories where each participant can present the equipment, the staff and current and future projects of its institute. The presentations will mainly be in the form of posters.

The workshop is to be held in connection with the annual TC meeting 2008 the date of which has to be determined.

Participating countries are all T&F labs within EURAMET


Final Report 2014-12-31

Project 1017 was not actually a formal Euramet project. It was just an event. The idea of Dr Gregor Dudle, who was chairman of the TC-TF at the time, was to organize a workshop to be held simultaneously with the 2008 Euramet TC-TF general  assembly. 

True to the proposal, the general assembly was held in Prague on March 13th  2008 and the Workshop was held on March 14th 2008  in the same location. 

Fifteen contributions were presented at the workshop (from fifteen different countries: LV, GR, FI, LT, SI, RS, RO, AT, DE, IT, IR, UK, PL, BG, ES). The presentations are posted on the Euramet website together with the other documents of the TC-TF 2008 annual meeting in Prague. 

The project is formally closed now simply because nobody was aware that it was still formally open.


Time and Frequency (TF)
Gregor Dudle, METAS (Switzerland)
Coordinating Institute
METAS (Switzerland)
Participating Partners