Survey of GNSS receivers in use for time transfer in T&F labs

Project Description

At the CCTF 2006 it was pointed out by the BIPM that with the increasing number of types of GNSS receivers in use in the laboratories contributing to TAI, it became more and more difficult for the BIPM to run all calibration trips for the different receiver models. It was suggested that RMOs take over the task to organize and run calibration trips with GNSS receivers.

The TC T&F of EUROMET has run a restricted calibration trip with a GPS receiver among 4 timing laboratories (EUROMET Project "Comparison of the GPS time scale locally generated by NBS type receivers using a travelling standard"). However, it has no expertise in organizing a wider campaign with the result to be included in the computation of TAI. Nor does it have a clear picture of the GNSS receivers installed in every lab. This information is however necessary, as the details of the calibration procedure depend also on the receiver type.

This project aims at gaining an overview of the receivers used in the labs, especially in those which have not yet participated in a BIPM calibration campaign. The survey is caried out by Email. A form will be sent to the participants. The coordinator will summarize the results of the survey and presents them at the TC meeting 2008. The results shall serve as a basis for the decision on future GNSS receiver calibration trips within EUROMET.
All T&F labs are participating.

Final Report 2010-01-31

The project has been completed and the report can be downloaded here>>.

Time and Frequency (TF)
Gregor Dudle, METAS (Switzerland)
Coordinating Institute
METAS (Switzerland)
Participating Partners