Reg. No.
Coordinating Institute
Collaboration Type
EM 60 Fused silica capacitance standards INRIM completed Research
IR 127 The NPL Fricke dosimetry service NPL completed Traceabillity
M 212 Intercomparison about weighing 5 metric tonnes LNE completed Comparison
M 214 Viscosity measurement services LNE completed Traceabillity
TF 242 Optical and Microwave frequencies in the scale of Hydrogen completed Research
MC 313 Realizing comparability of Primary Standard gas Mixtures (PSM) VSL completed Research
PR 375 Comparison of characterisation techniques for filter radiometry NPL completed Comparison
L 438 Laboratory for dimensional measurements of GUM GUM completed Consultation
EM 556 S-parameter measurements in PC 3.5 mm over the frequency band 50 MHz - 26.5 GHz RISE completed Comparison
AUV 616 Collaboration on uncertainties in the calibration of underwater acousitc transducers NPL concluded Research
AUV 617 Responses of reference hydrophones under real ocean conditions NPL concluded Research
EM 642 Evaluation of a national reference laboratory for HF- and primary laboratory for AC-electricity DFM completed Consultation
EM 656 Annual EUROMET HF Experts Group Meeting LNE-SYRTE completed Consultation
EM 680 Microwave Power Comparison with Micro-calorimeter UME concluded Comparison
EM 681 Bilateral Comparison on Power Measurements Between UME and PTB UME completed Research
T 683 Evaluation of a national reference laboratory for Contactless-temperature measurements and primary laboratory DFM completed Consultation
EM 684 Contact Person Electricity meeting LNE completed Consultation
MC 696 Comparison of primary measurement procedures for pH PTB completed Comparison
EM 726 EUROMET 648 and Power Metrology Workshops LNE completed Consultation
L 767 Exchange of experience in length calibration and proficiency testing DFM completed Research
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