Laboratory for dimensional measurements of GUM

Project Description

Consultations were performed during visit of dr. R. Thalmann from OFMET in Length and Angle Div. of GUM. There were following topics discussed:

  • methods of reproduction of length and plane angle units
  • calibration methods and uncertainty evaluation
  • plans of evolution of Length and Angle Division
  • problems of legal metrology

Measuring instruments for length, plane angle and roughness measurements such as: iodine stabilized lasers, interference comparators, 50 m bench, 3 m length measuring machine, 3D SIP CMM5 machine, set-up for optical polygons calibration, goniometer, small angle generator, Form Talysurf and microinterferometer for roughness measurements were presented and discussed.

 The seminar about new high precision length measuring machine was presented by dr. R. Thalmann.

 The plans of further bilateral collaboration concerning angle blocks and gauge blocks comparison were discussed.

Length (L)
Zbigniew Ramotowski, GUM (Poland)
Coordinating Institute
GUM (Poland)
Participating Partners
METAS (Switzerland)