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Collaboration on uncertainties in the calibration of underwater acousitc transducers

The project is a collaboration to establish better estimates of uncertainties in calibration of hydrophones and underwater acoustic transducers, and to increase awareness of the best measurement practice among the underwater acoustic community. The requirement for such work was identified during the previous Euromet comparison project and during discussion at a recent Euromet meeting. The project will involve a number of activities:

- Dissemination of information available from previous Euromet project (ACOUS 480);

- Dissemination of information on the work taking place IEC Technical Committee 87 to revise the IEC 60565 specification standard on hydrophone calibration;

- Establishment of a network of interested parties who will contribute to the project and be invited to attend meetings (in addition to Euromet contact persons);

- Organise at least one Workshop on calibration and uncertainties (at NPL);

- Undertake further investigation into specific sources of uncertainty identified within the project as requiring further study.

Acoustics, Ultrasound and Vibration (AUV)
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NPL (United Kingdom)
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