Reg. No.
Coordinating Institute
Collaboration Type
IR 31 1989-10-01 Intercomparison of gas counting of Krypton-85 and tritium NPL completed Comparison
IR 30 1990-07-01 Development of spiked reference materials NPL completed Research
M 26 1989-12-01 Hardness standards INRIM completed Traceabillity
AUV 17 1990-01-01 Pressure calibration of 0.5 inch microphones METAS completed Comparison
TF 16 1989-04-01 Automatic clock data acquisition and time scale computation METAS completed Research
EM 15 1988-10-01 Development of the QHE as a resistance standard METAS completed Research
L 7 1989-12-01 Calibration of gear standards PTB ongoing Traceabillity
PR 6 1989-01-01 Reflectance of diffusing materials PTB completed Traceabillity
M 5 1989-01-01 Viscosity measurement services PTB completed Traceabillity
EM 2 1993-06-01 Meeting of experts on the quantum Hall effect DFM completed Consultation
IR 1 2003-02-15 Calibration of beta sources PTB completed Research
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