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Calibration of gear standards

Project Description

NPL wants to get the traceability of geometrical gear quantities due to PTB. NPL and PTB have already agreed the framework.

Collaboration PTB/NPL is existing already.

Final Report 2019-10-19

Back in 1989, in one of the earliest traceability projects within EURAMET, PTB offered to perfom calibration of gear standards (profile, helix and pitch parameters) for NPL/UK.

The former Eidgenössisches Amt für Maß und Gewicht (CH) also showed interests to join the traceability agreement in the beginning but later on decided not to do so.The UK National Gear Metrology Laboratory (NGML), was established in Newcastle in 1987. It is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) for the measurement and calibration of gears, gear artefacts and gear measuring instruments, and is traceable to primary calibration facilities at the NPL, UK in general and PTB in Germany especially for complex gear parameters. The NGML maintain and develop the UK reference calibration artefacts to establish and disseminate traceability throughout the UK. Since 2014 NGML also is a signatory to the CIPM-MRA as the Designated Institute in the UK for gear standards.
Progress reports on this project were provided until 1999, i.e. the year when the traceability route was fully established.
Although the traceability route continues and we foresee no further changes, the activity of transferring the calibrations from NPL/NGML to PTB has no further actions. Since this was the basis of the original EURAMET (at the time EUROMET) project, the project has effectively ended.

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PTB (Germany)
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NPL (United Kingdom)


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