Intercomparison in the pressure range 50-500 MPa.

Project Description

At the ask of a few laboratories during the EUROMET meeting at Braunschweig, an intercomparison will be organized in the pressure range 50-500 MPa, LNE acting as pilot laboratory.

The transfer standard will be a DESGRANGES ET HUOT type 5306 pressure balance equiped with a single Type piston-cylinder assembly with a 2 mm2 effective area. The intercomparison will be organized as a circle type for a period of three months.

LNE will prepare a detailed procedure by the end of the first trimester 1993 and the circulation of the transfer standard will start during at a date to discuss with the participating laboratories, possibly on September 1993.

Final Report 1997-05-31

The comparison was completed and published in the KCDB.

Mass and Related Quantities (M)
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