TC-F Subcommittee Volume

The aims and purpose of this Subcommittee are to co-ordinate and exchange knowledge on development, improvement and applying of primary methods in the field of static volume measurement, to support and act for the development of a national and international measurement infrastructure as well as to actively participate in ISO's standards development work.

The Subcommittee covers the following topics:

  • traceability of liquid volume measurement to SI units
  • organisation of key and supplementary comparisons
  • calibration services for the market
  • elaboration of technical guides and technical statements
  • providing specially targeted trainings for this field


IPQ, the Portuguese National Metrology Institute, has kindly provided the following guide for download:
'Explaining the process of revision of volume standards ISO 8655 and ISO 4787'
The guidance document has been prepared by Elsa Batista (IPQ), Convenor of Sub-Committee Volume within the Technical Committee for Flow.


SC Convenor

Elsa Batista, IPQ (Portugal)

Other TC Flow Subcommittees and Convenors

Fluid Speed Jan Gersl, CMI (Czech Repubic)
Gas Flow Tomas Valenta, CMI (Czech Republic)
Liquid Flow Acting Convenor: Erik Smits, VSL (Netherlands)

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