Frequently Asked Questions

What is TC-F?
TC-F means Technical Committee for Flow. It is in charge of the technical work of EURAMET related to flow. Information can be found here>>

What is the relation of TC-F to EURAMET and other organisations connected to metrology (BIPM, ISO, OIML,...)?
EURAMET is the European Association of National Metrology Institutes. The mission of EURAMET is to develop and disseminate an appropriate, integrated, cost effective and internationally competitive measurement infrastructure for Europe, taking into account the needs of society, and end users in industry, business and governments.

EURAMET is a non-profit association and responsible for the tasks as Regional Metrology Organisation of Europe.

Regional metrology organizations (RMOs) are regional associations of national metrology institutes. Within the framework of the CIPM Mutual Recognition Arrangement (CIPM MRA), they play an important role to support mutual confidence in the validity of calibration and measurement certificates issued by participating institutes.

EURAMET prepares also guidelines for liaison agreements between EURAMET, respectively the TCs concerned, and standardisation organisations, in particular ISO and CEN/CENELEC.

How can I become a member of TC-F?
The members of EURAMET are the National Metrology Institutes of Europe; associated members are Designated Institutes.

Members and Associates have the right to participate in the work of TC-F via contact persons or observers. TC Contact persons are appointed by the national delegates. One contact person per country can be appointed to each TC.

The list of the TC-F Contact persons can be found on here >>

How do EURAMET TC-F Meeting look like?
TC-F meetings hold each year (generally during Spring) in a different country. The duration of a meeting is 3 days. It begins with a plenary session where presentation of the host institute, general information about EURAMET, state of the current actions and discussion about the future ones are given. The TC F participants are invited to present themselves and are encouraged to actively participate, to ask questions and share ideas and knowledge.

4 technical subcommittees are established within TC-F, one for each field: Volume, gas flow, liquid flow, fluid speed. Participants are invited to participate to sub-committee sessions and which specific topics are discussed such as status of on-going comparisons, information about  improvement/development of facilities…

Who can attend EURAMET TC-F Meeting?
The policy of TC-F is to encourage exchange between the members. Participants from National Metrology Institutes, Designated Institutes are all welcome and have the right to participate in the work of TC-F and/or SCs via contact persons.

How can I contribute to TC-F community?
I can contribute to TC-F community by actively participating, asking questions and sharing ideas and knowledge.

What do I benefit from TC-F Meetings?
I benefit from TC-F meeting by meeting people involved in the same field as I am, asking questions and sharing ideas.

TC-F Chair tries to encourage all members of TC-F to become more fully engaged in committee discussions and activities. A Mentoring Program has been implemented during the 2016 meeting. In 2017, a World Café has been held to facilitate discussion in small groups. This FAQ is an output of  it.

How can I attend EURAMET trainings? What are the costs? Who to contact?
Information about EURAMET training can be found here >>

Participation is limited to NMIs and Dis but further participants can be invited according to availability.

Participation is free of charge (except travel costs) but registration is necessary as, the number of participants if often limited.


  • TC-F: Technical Committee for Flow
  • SC: Subcommittee
  • NMI: National Metrology Institute
  • DI: Designated Institute
  • EURAMET: European Association of Metrology
  • BIPM: International Bureau for Weights and Measures
  • CIPM: International Committee for Weights and Measures
  • MRA: Mutual Recognition Arrangement
  • OIML: International Organization of Legal Metrology
  • ISO: International Organisation for Standardization
  • CEN: European Committee for Standardization
  • CENELEC: European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization