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Training courses under development

The table below shows training courses which are in preparation for 2020.

EURAMET workshop on metrological aspects of "Big Data"NPL3 daystbd
EURAMET training and workshop on digitalisation activities 2 daystbd
EURAMET training course on statistical methods and uncertainty evaluation in metrologyIMBiH2 daystbd
EURAMET training course and workshop on organisation of ILC/PT in physical & mechanical quantities and interpretation of ILC results to evaluate laboratory proficiencyBIM3 daystbd
EURAMET workshop on metrology in medicine (practical & regulatory aspects)IMBiH2 daystbd
EURAMET training and workshop on NMI management 2 daystbd
EURAMET training course on hydraulic pressure
- Calibration techniques with hydrostatic manometers
- On site calibrations of pressure/force sensors
- Dead weight tester calibration
RISE4 daystbd
EURAMET training course on organisation and piloting of intercomparisons in thermometry 3 daystbd
EURAMET webinar on implementation of ISO/IEC 17025/2017 (focus on risk management / tailored for metrology)Webinar tbd

EURAMET webinar on KCDB 2.0 for CMC writers (specific for technical fields)

Webinar tbd
EURAMET Communications workshop 2020NSAI2 daystbd

If you belong to an institution which is not a EURAMET member or associate, and would like to attend one of these activities, please contact EURAMET's Capacity Building Officer, Tanasko Tasić.

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