COVID-19 Crisis & The use of pipettes in diagnostic tests

The unprecedented conditions public health institutions experience due to COVID-19 pandemic crisis have forced hospital laboratories to perform an enormous number of diagnostic tests daily using pipettes for the handling of the samples.

Zoe Metaxiotou from the Greece National Metrology Institute EIM (Hellenic Insitute of Metrology) and Elsa Batista from IPQ (Instituto Português da Qualidade), the Portuguese National Metrology Institute, both representing their institutes in EURAMET's Technical Committee for Flow have prepared two guidance documents. These can assist laboratories to identify possible errors in daily practices, raise awareness, and develop best practices and methodologies to use in challenging conditions in order to ensure the reliability of the performed diagnostic tests.

Recommendations on good laboratory practice and pipette calibration

Inhouse verification of pipettes

For further information, please contact Elsa Batista