TC-F Subcommittee Gas Flow

The SC Gas organizes the information exchange and cooperation of NMIs/DIs actively providing traceability for measurements of flowing gas, meter testing technologies and being involved in R&D activities in the gas metering market as well as standardization.

The Subcommittee covers the following topics:

  • traceability of flow measurement to SI units
  • calibration services for the market
  • best practice for calibration and providing training for this
  • organization of key/supplementary comparisons for gas flow

SC Convenor

Tomas Valenta, CMI (Czech Republic)

Other TC Flow Subcommittees and Convenors

Fluid Speed Jan Gersl, CMI (Czech Republic)
Liquid Flow Acting Convenor: Erik Smits, VSL (Netherlands)
Volume Elsa Batista, IPQ (Portugal)

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