TC-F Subcommittee Liquid Flow

The general task of the TC Flow Subcommittee 'Liquid Flow' is the development and improvement of national standards and measuring methods in the field of liquid flow. Examples of activities are:

  • develop, improve and apply primary methods to measure liquid flow
  • support and act for the development of a national and international liquid flow measurement infrastructure
  • undertake regional key and supplementary comparisons and to provide links to the SI
  • undertake research in metrology
  • disseminate expertise and knowledge on liquid flow

SC Convenor

Acting Convenor: Erik Smits, VSL (Netherlands)

Other TC Flow Subcommittees and Convenors

Fluid SpeedJan Gersl, CMI (Czech Republic)
Gas FlowTomas Valenta, CMI (Czech Republic)
VolumeElsa Batista, IPQ (Portugal)

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