First EURAMET Networks booth at International Metrology Conference 2023

Visit the ‘EURAMET networks for Energy and Environment’ booth at CIM2023 to connect and speak to leading metrology experts from European Metrology Networks


CIM 2023

The 21st International Metrology Congress CIM will take place from 7 to 10 of March 2023 in Eurexpo, in Lyon, France. The conference will focus on metrological challenges in the key areas of industry, health and climate.

Europe’s leading metrology experts will hold over 200 presentations, as well as six round table sessions discussing current research challenges and future innovation of pivotal metrological areas.


There are over 850 participants from 45 countries expected, that will contribute to this diverse and extensive programme. The conference will also have a plenary session titled “Limitless Metrology at your fingertips”, as well as a workshop on metrology for atmospheric volatile organic compounds organised by EMPIR project “MetClimVOC”.

Additionally, there will be plenty of networking activities throughout the four days to build connections for future innovations in the field of metrology and allow for interesting discussions. Registration for the conference can be found here.


EMN booth

EURAMET fosters the formation of European Metrology Networks (EMNs) to ensure that metrology research in Europe is coordinated and addresses current needs of end users. EMNs focus on one specific area of metrology, and currently there are 11 different EMNs and one proposed EMN. EMNs also function as a point of contact for industries and research institutions across Europe.

CIM 2023 will see the first booth of EURAMET European Metrology Networks with a focus on energy and environment with the following four EMNs and one proposed EMN:

Smart Electricity Grids

Energy Gases

Climate and Ocean Observation

Pollution Monitoring

Clean Energy (proposed EMN)

The booth will be located in the centre of the conference venue, the Metrology Village. Each EMN will have experts present to discuss current challenges and ongoing projects, as well as their future goals and visions for metrological development in Europe.

Visit us at CIM2023 for a chance to ask questions and obtain further information about collaborating with EMNs in the future.

Don’t forget to register for the conference here and sign up to newsletters from the EMNs and EURAMET.


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