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Date Title Location Category
2023-03-28 to 2023-03-29 Workshop on Metrology for Biofuel Industry - 2nd BIOFMET Stakeholders' Workshop PTB, Braunschweig, Germany
EMPIR Energy
2023-03-28 to 2023-03-30 TC-Quality (TC-Q) Annual Meeting 2023 Hybrid Meeting (METAS, Bern and Online)
TC Meeting
2023-03-27 to 2023-03-27 TC-Q Quality Steering Committee (TC-Q SC) Meeting 2023 Hybrid Meeting (METAS, Bern and Online)
TC-Q Steering Committee Meetings
2023-03-24 to 2023-03-24 Partnership Committee Meeting P03 Online
Partnership Committee Meeting
2023-03-22 to 2023-03-23 Mathmet training course on Quality Assurance Tools Online event
EMPIR EMN Mathematics and Statistics
2023-03-22 to 2023-03-23 TC-Time and Frequency (TC-TF) Annual Meeting 2023 PTB, Braunschweig (Germany)
TC Meeting
2023-03-22 to 2023-03-23 EMN Energy Gases Annual General Meeting 2023 IPQ, Caparica, Portugal
EMN Energy Gases EMNs (European Metrology Networks)
2023-03-21 to 2023-03-22 Measurement solutions for Energy Gases IPQ, Lisbon, Portugal and online
EMN Energy Gases
2023-03-15 to 2023-03-16 TC-Interdisciplinary Metrology (TC-IM) Annual Meeting 2023 CMI, Prague (Czech Republic)
TC Meeting
2023-03-07 to 2023-03-10 2023 International Metrology Congress Lyon, France
TC-EM Related Event TC-L Related Event TC-F Related Event TC-IR Related Event TC-MC Related Event TC-AUV Related Event TC-T Related Event TC-TF Related Events TC-M Related Event TC-IM Related Event EMN Energy Gases EMN Smart Electricity Grids TC-PR Related Event
2023-03-01 to 2023-03-01 Optical measurements and measurement systems for gears and rotary axes Online event
EMPIR Energy
2023-02-27 to 2023-03-01 TC-Ionising Radiation (TC-IR) Annual Meeting 2023 CIEMAT, Madrid (Spain)
TC Meeting
2023-02-24 to 2023-02-24 Workshop: Comprehensive traceability for force metrology services Online event
2023-02-20 to 2023-02-20 Enabling reliable fuel consumption measurements Online event
EMPIR Industry
2023-02-16 to 2023-02-16 23rd TC Chairs Meeting Hybrid meeting (LNE, Paris, France and Online)
TC Chairs Meeting
2023-02-16 to 2023-02-16 7th EMN Chairs Workshop Hybrid meeting (LNE, Paris, France and Online)
EMN Chairs Meeting
2023-02-15 to 2023-02-15 21st Meeting: Joint Meeting BoD/TC Chairs/EMN Chairs/WG Convenors Hybrid Meeting (LNE, Paris, France and online)
TC Chairs Meeting
2023-02-14 to 2023-02-14 48th Board of Directors Meeting Hybrid Meeting (LNE, Paris, France and online)
Board of Directors Meeting
2023-02-01 to 2023-02-02 TC-Metrology in Chemistry (TC-MC) Annual Meeting 2023 LNE, Paris (France)
TC Meeting
2023-01-24 to 2023-01-26 TC-Photometry and Radiometry (TC-PR) Annual Meeting 2023 METROSERT, Tallinn (Estonia)
TC Meeting
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