EMRP research projects

Measurement research in EURAMET’s completed EMRP projects has developed methods and techniques to support innovation in manufacturing, improved product quality and increased productivity across diverse industrial sectors. 

The projects were broad in scope, and covered topics that support measurements for next generation ICT,  light technology innovation in manufacturing, advanced manufacturing and increasing product quality

Supporting next generation ICT

Almost every aspect of modern life is dependent on a secure and reliable communication network, from multimillion euro banking transactions to the transmission of vital patient information in emergency medical care. The ongoing miniaturisation and ever increasing operating speeds of electronic devices not only challenge current measurement capabilities, but also create a requirement to characterise new ICT technologies. This requires the metrology infrastructure to continue to develop to meet current and future needs for the next generation of electronics technologies. The following projects covered this topic:

Supporting light technology innovation in manufacturing


As industrial automation advances, enhancing the competiveness of European industries worth billions of euros requires innovation. From controlling and monitoring movements of robotic machine tools making intricate parts to determining the quality of finished products, light has the potential to revolutionise manufacturing processes. The following projects covered this topic.

Supporting advanced manufacturing

The manufacture of high-performance, high-value products requires complex and efficient production processes and continuous innovation to remain competitive. Drivers of change – such as shorter product lifetimes, increased customisation, flexible manufacturing systems and waste reduction – place ever-greater emphasis on reliable data at all stages of product development and manufacture. The following projects covered this topic.

Supporting high quality products

Ensuring that industries generating billions of euros for the European economy are competitive in global markets relies on manufacturing quality products. This relies on rigorous measurements to ensure parts match specification, and often involves monitoring for chemical contamination either on the product itself or in the production environment. However, maintaining a competitive edge should not come at the expense of the environment.Europe has set demanding CO2 emission targets and aims to reduce other forms of pollution, such as plastic waste. By developing new materials and improved monitoring techniques, there is potential to increase industrial competitiveness whilst also achieving these goals. The following projects covered this topic.

EMPIR research projects

Measurement research in on-going EMPIR projects is developing methods and techniques to support innovation in manufacturing, improve product quality and increase productivity across diverse industrial sectors