Measurement for the SI broader Scope

The strategic aim of these projects is to underpin the development of the SI system through R&D in fundamental and applied measurement science. Projects in the first SI Broader scope theme worked to address these measurement challenges:

Traceability of sub-nm length measurements – Increasing the accuracy of large scale dimension measurements using the wavelength of light for both cutting-edge projects like the redefinition of the kilogram, and also for high precision products, such as manufacturing next generation computer processors using lithography process.

Biologically weighted quantities in radiotherapy – conventional X-ray and gamma radiotherapy doses are based on the absorbed energy from the radiation beam delivered to water – the main constituent of the human body. Newer therapies using proton or ion beams require improved dose calculations to relate the increased cell damage they cause to that from more conventional therapy beams.

Primary standards for challenging elements - Chemical analyses play a key role in many aspects of everyday life including regulating environment quality, ensuring health and assisting industrial productivity. Pure chemical standards can provide a vital link to the SI, but due to the difficulty and complexity of accurate elemental characterisation, few validated standards are available for use.