Implementing the revised SI

EURAMET’s European Metrology Research Programme (EMRP) supported key European research that has contributed to the SI revision and has addressed the SI redefinition measurement challenges:

The kilogram - achieving better agreement between complex measurements of the Planck constant and the way the kilogram’s experimental realisation is transferred to users to support the kilogram’s redefinition.

The kelvin - investigating new methods for accurately confirming temperatures above 1000 °C or below -250 °C are needed and performed research into future replacement of the temperature scale by using fundamental atomic processes as potential temperature indicators.

The ampere - researching new traceability methods to enable industrial and research users to access the redefined ampere and make reliable measurements of extremely small electric currents.

The second - researching optical clock technologies for next generation atomic time keeping and investigating the precise comparison methods needed to link these together into a unified time standard.