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Subject Reg. No. Starting TITLE Coordinating Institute Status Collaboration Type KCDB
T 1033 2008-11-01 Comparison of psychrometer calibrations - Pre-study FORCE completed Comparison
T 1034 2008-03-25 Determination of the water vapor pressure curve, between -100 °C and 100 °C, with a very high accuracy LNE-CETIAT completed Research
T 411 1996-10-01 Traceability in infrared radiation thermometry from -50 °C to 800 °C (TRIRAT) VSL completed Traceabillity
T 418 1997-04-01 Training course on infrared thermometry INRIM completed Research
T 502 1998-11-01 Intercomparison of Argon triple point cells LNE-LCM/CNAM completed Comparison
T 549 1999-11-01 Interlaboratory comparison on water triple point cells LNE-LCM/CNAM completed Comparison
T 625 2000-03-01 Comparison of fixed point cells (TP of Hg, MP of Ga, FP of Sn, FP of Zn, FP of Al, FP of Ag) and comparison of the W at the argon point MIRS/UL-FE/LMK completed Comparison
T 635 2001-12-01 Comparison of the Reference Surface Temperature Apparatus at NMIs by comparison of Transfer Surface Temperature Standards PTB completed Comparison
T 732 2003-06-01 Toward more accurate temperature fixed points LNE completed Research
T 783 2004-01-01 Intercomparison of blackbodies for calibration of infra-red ear thermometers (IRETs) MIRS/UL-FE/LMK completed Comparison
T 844 2005-06-01 Intercomparison of copper fixed-point cells by using Pt/Pd thermocouples PTB completed Research
T 927 2007-03-01 Comparison of blackbodies for calibration of infra-red ear thermometers MIRS/UL-FE/LMK completed Comparison
T 1059 2008-04-01 Proposal for RH CMC review protocol based on Euramet questionnaire MIRS/UL-FE/LMK completed Consultation
T 1061 2008-09-01 Comparison of Air Temperature Calibrations MIKES completed Comparison
T 1382 2015-09-01 Comparison of the realisations of the dewpoint temperature in the range from -40 °C to 20 °C MIRS/UL-FE/LMK completed Comparison
T 1203 2011-09-28 Humidity training course MIRS/UL-FE/LMK completed Consultation
T 1459 2018-06-01 Air Temperature Metrology - ATM INRIM in progress Research
Q 1393 2016-03-09 On-site peer review IMBiH temperature IMBiH completed Consultation
T 1114 2009-04-06 Bilateral comparison of freezing point of aluminium MIRS/UL-FE/LMK completed Comparison
T 1127 2009-05-06 Bilateral comparison of triple point of mercury and melting point of gallium MIRS/UL-FE/LMK completed Comparison
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