Comparison in dew-point temperature (high range)

Project Description

The aim of comparison will be to demonstrate equivalence between humidity (dew point) realisations at national standards laboratories in different countries, in support of the CIPM Mutual Recognition Arrangement.
This constitutes one of the separate "Agreed" EUROMET projects, addressing one sub-range of dew point, as prescribed in EUROMET Project 621, designed to ensure the consistency with the planned CCT key comparisons, so that a clear relationship can be drawn between the results at regional and global levels.

Progress Report 2023-04-24

All participants approved Draft A3 in February/March 2023. Draft B is available since April 2023. The Draft B was forwarded to the CCT-WG-KC for review on 17th of April 2023. The KCDB was updated accordingly. The Draft B is awaited approval by the reviewers.

Progress Report 2022-02-07

The first version of Draft A was sent to the participants in autumn 2019. Comments were received till August 2020. A revised version of Draft A with a completely revised evaluation is prepared at the moment. The evaluation method will be harmonised with the CCT-K8.

Progress Report 2020-05-28

Draft A was sent to the participant in autumn 2019 for comments. Due to personnel situation at PTB and the situation due to Covid-19, comments will be collected till autumn 2020. The comments and feedback of the participant will be evaluated and discussed. Based on the jointly made decision, a finalisation of Draft B might be expected within 2021.

Progress Report 2019-03-27

The data evaluation strategy was presented and discussed with the participants at the TC-T meeting in Boras, Sweden, in April 2018. Intense work to complete draft A was invested by the coordinating laboratory. Draft A is now on a good way to be finalised. 

Progress Report 2017-04-24

Measurements were completed successfully in 2011. Data analysis was not able to be completed before the retirement of the previous co-ordinator. All partners have confirmed their submitted data and Draft-A is in preparation.

Progress Report 2015-02-19

The measurements in the participating laboratories as well as in the laboratories of the co-pilot and the pilot are finished. The transfer standards have been sent back to the owner MBW. All participating countries exept DELTA (DK) have sent their results to the pilot. From DELTA was no answer to the reminding mail to send the results. It will be checked during the meeting in Lisbon, if the responsibilities at DELTA have been changed.

Draft A is in preparation.