Working Group on Metrology for Digital Transformation

The EURAMET TC-IM working group 'Metrology for Digital Transformation' (WG M4D) is bringing together the expertise of EURAMET Members specialised in data management, digital certificates and processes, Internet of Things and sensor networks.

In 2020, the European Commission (EC) published the strategy 'Shaping Europe's digital future', alongside its European industry strategy, data strategy and the White Paper on Artificial Intelligence.

The EC's digital future objectives are centered around developing a technology that works to support a fair and competitive economy, as well as an open, democratic and sustainable society. According to the EC's vision, this can only be achieved through a digital transformation of existing and established processes, in addition to securing and strengthening European digital leadership. 

The working group M4D aims to support EURAMET in its mission to implement a strategic digital transformation that is aligned both with the aims of the European Commission, as well as the relevant needs of EURAMET members.


Objectives of M4D

Specifically, the working group aims to:

  • Continuously monitor relevant topics in the digital transformation of metrology and industry, analyse their relevance to EURAMET, and connect the individual developments within a harmonised approach;
  • Enable and encourage synergies and prevent unnecessary parallel work by improving communication and collaboration within EURAMET and beyond;
  • Develop guidelines (e.g. on trustworthy, certified and validated software tools) and strategic roadmaps (e.g. in collaboration with the TCs);
  • Identify suitable software tools and other resources for EURAMET TCs, EMNs and additional internal stakeholders;
  • Provide and maintain an open exchange of ideas, suggestions and questions;
  • Bring together expertise and activities in and beyond EURAMET in order to ensure a coherent and comprehensive overview and joint picture;
  • Ensure the engagement of all EURAMET TCs in the harmonisation process across different metrology areas;
  • Foster the uptake and harmonisation of individual developments by EURAMET Members, EMNs and research projects.

Moreover, WG M4D aims to support EURAMET with:

  • Establishing a continuous collaboration and exchange on digital transformation with corresponding bodies and organisations within the European quality infrastructure;
  • Engaging external parties - such as CIPM, BIPM, RMOs, OIML and the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) community - in pertinent areas to promote metrological principles for data quality.

So far, the working group is pooling expertise in the following areas:

  • Research data management - according to the FAIR principles (TC-IM 1449) and its relation to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC)
  • Digital certificates for calibration (TC-IM 1448), testing and conformity assessment
  • Sensor network metrology (TC-IM 1551)
  • Metrology for Internet of Things (IoT) and sensor networks (EMPIR SmartCom and Met4FoF)

By combining their knowledge in these highly important topic areas, M4D members are striving to support EURAMET with the development of digital transformation in metrology.

WG Convenor

Louise Wright
NPL (United Kingdom)