EURAMET’s stakeholders share metrology for digital transformation needs

EURAMET consultation event fosters engagement between European Partnerships for Europe’s digital future


In EURAMET’s open consultation event on 9 November stakeholders in the digital field shared their vision on digital transformation and related measurement science needs with Europe’s metrology community.


Jörn Stenger, EURAMET Chairperson:

“We at EURAMET wish to broaden and strengthen close collaboration with our stakeholders, for example with European Partnerships and other European and international organisations to get a better insight in our stakeholders’ needs related to metrology.

Digital transformation is a complex and dynamic industrial and societal process that requires new metrology, for example for the assessment of large sensor networks, standards for data and metadata, or quality assurance of AI-assisted algorithms.

We hope the stakeholder consultations will lead to new research proposals, help to prepare for new metrology capabilities and provide opportunities for even stronger cooperation.”


Industry, health, climate, society – in all areas, from driverless cars, to the Internet of Things, automated factories of the future and the integration of renewables into the smart energy grid - digital transformation is changing the way we live and work.

However, it cannot happen without high-quality digital data.


“Reliable measurements, producing data for digital systems, continue to be essential for innovation, productivity, and evidence-based decision making”, comments Mikko Merimaa, EURAMET General Secretary, who chaired the meeting. “Metrology fosters the development of tools ensuring that measured and processed data in digital systems is accurate and reliable - underpinning the value of data and data products for the end user.”


Speakers included representatives from EURAMET’s European partners: the European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA) and The Made in Europe Partnership, ADRA and the AI, Data, and Robotics Partnership, the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) and the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA).

Discussions ranged from the role of data quality for industry and science, sensor networks in industry, to how to support quality and confidence in AI.

The feedback from these stakeholders, and the panel session at the end of the workshop, will  help guide the development of the 2022 call for needs related to “Metrology support for Digital Transformation” within the proposed European Partnership on Metrology.

The presentations and recordings of the talks are available at the event page >>

This consultation event complemented a series of technical workshops held by EURAMET in September 2021, that analysed the added value of metrological research and developments to the digital transformation of the European industry and society. The presentations and recordings of these previous sessions are available at the event page >>

EURAMET consultation events such as this, and others involving European Metrology Networks and Technical Committees, are a vital part of the association’s 2030 Strategy and the engagement with stakeholders.


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