Selected Research Topics (SRTs) for Metrology Partnership Call 2022 Digital Transformation

  SRT Number SRT Title Result
  SRT-d01 Uncertainty evaluation for machine learning Not Funded
  SRT-d02 Trustworthy virtual experiments and digital twins Funded as 22DIT01
  SRT-d03 Fundamental principles of sensor network metrology Funded as 22DIT02
  SRT-d04 Quality of data in the European Open Science Cloud Not Funded
  SRT-d06 Metrology for digital transformation of quality control processes in advanced manufacturing industry  No Bid
  SRT-d08 Optimised procedures for legal metrology in the digital age No Bid


Selected Research Topics (SRTs) for Metrology Partnership Call 2022 Health

  SRT Number SRT Title Result
  SRT-h01 Metrology for genomic profiling to support early cancer detection and precision medicine  Funded as 22HLT06
  SRT-h02 Affordable low-field MRI reference system Funded as 22HLT02
  SRT-h03 Metrology for innovative nanotherapeutics Funded as 22HLT04
  SRT-h04 Developing a metrological framework for assessment of image-based Artificial Intelligence systems for disease detection Funded as 22HLT05
  SRT-h05 In vivo quantitative magnetic resonance imaging of tissue relaxation and dielectric properties Not Funded
  SRT-h06 Standardisation of measurements of neurodegenerative disease biomarkers Funded as 22HLT07
  SRT-h07 Metrology to enable accurate surveillance and diagnosis of pathogens with pandemic potential Not Funded
  SRT-h08 Metrology for reliable characterisation of bioelectromechanical properties of tissue down to the nanoscale  Not Funded
  SRT-h09 Metrology for risk assessment and diagnosis of heart diseases Not Funded
  SRT-h10 Metrology for emerging targeted alpha therapies Funded as 22HLT03
  SRT-h11 Uncertainty quantification for machine learning models applied to photoplethysmography signals Funded as 22HLT01
  SRT-h12 Quality assurance for online and real-time Adaptive Radiotherapy  Not Funded
  SRT-h13 Metrology for metal metabolism disorders  Not Funded
  SRT-h14 Dosimetry for FLASH radiotherapy Not Funded
  SRT-h15 Standardisation of targeted and untargeted quantitative metabolomic methods for future use in routine clinical diagnosis Not Funded


Selected Research Topics (SRTs) for Metrology Partnership Call 2022 Integrated European Metrology

  SRT Number SRT Title Result
  SRT-s01 Self-calibrating photodiodes for UV and exploitation of induced junction technology Funded as 22IEM06
  SRT-s02 Dissemination of the redefined kelvin  Funded as 22IEM02
  SRT-s03 Transportable optical clocks for key comparisons Funded as 22IEM01
  SRT-s04 Metrology for quantum-based traceability of the pascal Funded as 22IEM04
  SRT-s05 New calibration standards and methods for radiometry and photometry after phaseout of incandescent lamps Funded as 22IEM05
  SRT-s06 Coordinated European magnetic field metrology based on advanced quantum standards Not Funded
  SRT-s07 Metrology infrastructure for reliable monitoring of electricity-grid dynamics  Not Funded
  SRT-s08 Flow measurement traceability for hydrogen in gas networks and storage Not Funded
  SRT-s09 Reference measurement systems for clinically relevant biomarkers to support the effective implementation of the In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation Not Funded
  SRT-s10 Metrology infrastructure for characterisation of electric vehicle charging stations Not Funded
  SRT-s11 Small electrical current metrology for industrial and scientific applications Not Funded
  SRT-s12 Application of digital-metrological twins for emerging measurement technology in advanced manufacturing Not Funded
  SRT-s13 Integrated European research, calibration and testing infrastructure for fibre-optic thermometry Funded as 22IEM07
  SRT-s14 Primary spectrometric thermometry for gases Funded as 22IEM03
  SRT-s15 Applications of double-ended interferometry in accurate dimensional metrology to support advanced manufacturing Not Funded


Selected Research Topics (SRTs) for Metrology Partnership Call 2022 Normative

  SRT Number SRT Title Result
  SRT-n01 Characterisation of AC and DC MV instrument transformers in extended frequency range up to 150 kHz Funded as 22NRM06
  SRT-n02 Standardisation of Black Carbon aerosol metrics for air quality and climate modelling Funded as 22NRM02
  SRT-n03 Metrology support for enhanced energy efficiency in DC transportation systems Funded as 22NRM04
  SRT-n05 Support for standardisation of sample-by-sample waveform uncertainty computation Not Funded
  SRT-n06 Support for the standardisation of nanoscale magnetic field measurements Not Funded
  SRT-n07 Digital sensitivity monitoring for industrial computed tomography by new gauges for Industry 4.0 and common applications down to 500 nm resolution No Bid
  SRT-n09 Traceability in medical X-ray imaging dosimetry Funded as 22NRM01
  SRT-n10 Metrology to support standardisation of hydrogen fuel sampling for heavy duty hydrogen transport Funded as 22NRM03
  SRT-n11 Traceability improvement for instrumented indentation testing Not Funded
  SRT-n12 Metrology for wearable light loggers and optical radiation dosimeters Funded as 22NRM05
  SRT-n13 Harmonisation, update and implementation of standards related to radiation protection dosimeters for photon radiation Funded as 22NRM07
  SRT-n14 Towards standards for the exchange of metrology product data (model-based) in the high-tech supply chain Not Funded


Selected Research Topics (SRTs) for Metrology Partnership Call 2022 Research Potential

  SRT Number SRT Title Result
  SRT-r01 Towards a true 8-digit digitiser Funded as 22RPT02
  SRT-r02 Improving the realisation of the kelvin by multiple fixed-point radiation thermometry Funded as 22RPT03
  SRT-r03 Establishing traceability for medical measuring devices through optical absorbance liquid filters Not Funded
  SRT-r04 Traceability for indentation measurements in Brinell-Vickers-Knoop hardness Funded as 22RPT01
  SRT-r05 Development of RF and microwave metrology capability II Funded as 22RPT04
  SRT-r06 Novel metrological capabilities - Measuring impact of biofilms on solar panel efficiency Not Funded
  SRT-r07 Determination of tritium content in solid samples Not Funded


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