Goals of the European Partnership on Metrology

1. The development of a sustainable, excellent and coordinated metrology system on a European level, helping to bridge the investment gap between Europe and its global competitors; this includes:

  • developing new research capabilities by 2030 which are built within the framework of new European Metrology Networks and which perform in terms of calibration and measurement capabilities at least equal to the leading metrology institutes outside the Participating States
  • supporting sales of innovative products and services through the use and adoption of new metrology capabilities in key emerging and enabling technologies
  • contributing to the creation and diffusion of high-quality new knowledge, competences and skills across the Union in the context of lifelong learning and for societal transformation, including enhancing capability for innovation

2. The establishment of sustainable European Metrology Networks in highly competitive and emerging areas, able to compete with the top global performers. The networks will have a strong focus on stakeholders and their needs and a key role in the development of the strategic research and innovation agenda of the European Partnership on Metrology.

3. Engagement with stakeholders along the metrology value chain to ensure state-of-the-art metrology capabilities are widely taken up by innovators in their ecosystems and beyond to address major societal challenges.

4. The funding of joint research projects that increase and accelerate innovation using metrology solutions, capabilities and infrastructure, resulting in European turnover from new or significantly improved products and services.

5. Increasing and coordinating the role of metrology in the design and implementation of regulation and standardisation to foster evidence-based decision making and underpinning public policies.