EMRP Call 2010 - Industry & Environment

The aim of this call was to advance measurement science in the areas of Industry and the Environment.

For Industry, focus was placed on enhancing existing technologies, while creating innovations and step changes within new technologies. The Industry theme supported seventeen EMRP projects involving 110 research groups from 28 metrology institutes. The research addressed the needs of the whole supply chain, from materials, sensors and instrumentation suppliers to manufacturers of high-performance final products in sectors such as aerospace, automotive and electronics.

Visit the Industry impact page to see outcomes from the projects. 

For Environment, focus was placed on the local environmental level for air, water and soil pollution, and on the global level for challenges relating to climate change. The Environment theme supported nine EMRP projects involving 45 research groups from metrology institutes, academia, industry and public environment agencies. These projects aimed to improve data quality and stimulate the development of innovative technologies, to support an improved quality of life for European citizens.

Visit the Environment impact page to see outcomes from the projects. 

Metrology for Industry

Project Number Short Name Title Coordinator
IND01 HiTeMS High temperature metrology for industrial applications (>1000 °C) Graham Machin (NPL)
IND02 EMINDA Electromagnetic characterisation of materials for industrial applications up to microwave frequencies Bob Clarke (NPL)
IND03 HighPRES High pressure metrology for industrial applications Wladimir Sabuga (PTB)
IND04 MetroMetal Ionising radiation metrology for the metallurgical industry
IND05 MeProVisc Dynamic Mechanical Properties and Long-term Deformation Behaviour of Viscous Materials
IND06 MIQC Metrology for industrial quantum communication technologies Maria Luisa Rastello (INRIM)
IND07 Thin Films Metrology for the manufacturing of thin films Fernando Araujo de Castro (NPL)
IND08 MetMags Metrology for Advanced Industrial Magnetics Hans Werner Schumacher (PTB)
IND09 Dynamic Traceable Dynamic Measurement of Mechanical Quantities Thomas Bruns (PTB)
IND10 Form Optical and tactile metrology for absolute form characterisation
IND11 MADES Metrology to Assess the Durability and Function of Engineered Surfaces Mark Gee (NPL)
IND12 Vacuum Vacuum metrology for production environments Karl Jousten (PTB)
IND13 T3D Thermal design and time-dependent dimensional drift behaviour of sensors, materials and structures Jens Flügge (PTB)
IND14 Frequency New generation of frequency standards for industry Patrick Gill (NPL)
IND15 SurfChem Traceable quantitative surface chemical analysis for industrial applications
IND16 Ultrafast Metrology for ultrafast electronics and high-speed communications Mark Bieler (PTB)
IND17 Scatterometry Metrology of small structures for the manufacturing of electronic and optical devices Bernd Bodermann (PTB)
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