European Metrology Network for Quantum Technologies supports stakeholders

The EMN Quantum provides support to stakeholders in order to coordinate quantum technologies measurement science

The European Metrology Network for Quantum Technologies (EMN Quantum) provides active coordination of European measurement science research to maintain competitiveness in the field of quantum technologies.

Input to standards

As part of this coordination, the EMN Quantum actively collaborates with Standards Development Organisations, in order to accommodate the needs emerging from these organisations as well as from the network’s stakeholders present there.



Standards activities include:

Measurement services and facilities portfolio database

Thanks to the mapping exercise performed by the members of the network, on the operational metrological services, measurement facilities and calibration platforms, preparations for the EMN Quantum measurement services and facilities portfolio database are underway and it will be soon available on the new website of the EMN. The EMN Quantum portfolio of facilities and measurement services has already been shown to some relevant stakeholders.

Special event

During the 2nd European Quantum Technologies Virtual Conference of the EU Quantum Flagship, the Quantum network successfully organised a special event entitled Workshop 4.1 – EURAMET support to Quantum Technologies Standardisation, and representatives also from EURAMET, EC Quantum Flagship, ETSI and CEN-CENELEC FGQT attended the workshop.

Stakeholder consultation event and Annual General Meeting

The EMN Quantum recently held an online event to consult its stakeholders, entitled Quantum Metrology: the present and the future. In this event arranged by IPQ (the Portuguese National Metrology Institute), EURAMET’s EMN for Quantum Technologies, and the Portuguese Quantum Institute (PQI), invited speakers shared their vision on the future trends and needs of quantum science and technology in Europe. Speakers included representatives from the European metrology community, EMN Quantum Technologies, PQI, and the European Commission.

EMN-Q Chair Ivo Pietro Degiovanni, from INRIM said ‘The EMN Quantum community operates “metrology standards” and delivers “standardisation by calibration”. The Network develops test methods and instrumentations, and contributes with its expertise to the work of Standardisation Organisations - especially in the drafting of test standards. The collaboration with the Standardisation Organisations is one of the means from which the EMN Quantum obtains the necessary information on the emerging stakeholder measurement needs to shape the Network Research & Development strategy.’

EMN Quantum Technologies is supported by the joint network project 19NET02. EMPIR projects are co-funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and the EMPIR Participating States.

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