EMRP research projects

Measurement research in EURAMET’s completed EMRP projects has developed the measurement methods and techniques to support diagnosis and treatment of serious health conditions. The research was focused on improving disease diagnosis by increasing the accuracy of disease identification and ensuring safe, accurate and effective therapies.


Quantitative diagnosis of healthcare conditions using robust scientific techniques and requiring less individual judgement are needed to improve healthcare outcomes. Reliable quantification requires measurement techniques that are traceable to the SI system to ensure accuracy from the lab to the patient. Accurate measurements also have a role to play in assessing and validating new diagnosis techniques, reducing healthcare costs, whilst improving the patient’s quality of life.

EMRP research projects for advancing quantitative diagnosis:


Supporting safe and effective therapies

A wide range of physical, chemical and biological approaches are used to treat diseases and other health conditions, including drugs or physical therapies such as radiotherapy and ultrasound. All of these have risks as well as benefits, and accurate measurement is essential to ensure that the treatment delivered will cure or manage the condition while minimising any harmful side-effects.  All therapies require practical, accurate measurement methods and tools for use in healthcare environments.

EMRP project supporting safe and effective therapies 

EMPIR Research Projects

On-going EMPIR projects are supporting – through metrological research and development – more reliable and efficient diagnostic and therapeutic techniques.