EMRP research projects

The environmental research projects funded under the EURAMET research programmes, EMRP and EMPIR, have brought together research groups from metrology institutes, academia, and industry to work collaboratively. These address some of the measurement challenges associated with the better quantification of parameters that affect climate change and the measurement of emissions hazardous to our quality of life. The EMRP projects have been completed, and highlights are available here

Projects have been grouped into two area, those supporting a greater understanding of climate change and other on creating a clean, safe environment.

Understanding Climate Change

EMRP and EMPIR research projects support the improved accuracy of measurement data for Essential Climate Variables and the development of new measurement methods and technologies for improving the:

Post-launch performance confirmation of satellite borne instrumentation for earth observation data:

Weather station data for use in essential climate variable trend analysis:

Detection of ozone layer trends using Solar UV data:

Research also focused on:

Creating a clean, safe environment

Accurate data is essential to monitoring and managing the environment and enabling the design and implementation of effective environmental regulation. Recognising the hazards posed by pollution, the EU has developed an extensive body of legislation which establishes health-based standards and objectives for pollutants in air, water and soil. Key to the successful implementation of these policies is an underpinning measurement infrastructure that ensures that environmental data is robust and consistent across monitoring networks, across national borders and over time. 

As allowable pollutant levels decrease, and new types of pollutant are identified, measurement capabilities must be constantly improved to support robust and fit-for-purpose pollutant monitoring and mitigation. This requires both improved measurement accuracy across the measurement infrastructure – at National Measurement Institutes, in accredited laboratories and in environmental monitoring networks – and the development of innovative, practical and cost-effective measurement technologies.

EMRP and EMPIR research is improving the quality of the environmental monitoring data which is important for compliance with European environmental regulations and the measurements of hazardous emissions and releases that affect public health. Research focused on:

Water and air quality monitoring:

Vehile exhaust and mercury monitoring:

Industrial pollution and trace gas air monitoring:

Early warnings for ionising radiation during a nuclear incident:

Ensuring accurate identification and segregation of high activity nuclear decommissioning waste:

EMPIR research projects

On going EMPIR projects are addressing global metrological challenges such as climate control and monitoring the environment.