EMN for Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing requires new and enhanced metrology methods to assure the quality of manufacturing processes and the resulting products.

The newly approved European Metrology Network for Advanced Manufacturing will drive the high-level coordination of the metrology community in this field and will foster the impact of metrology developments for advanced manufacturing.

The network is run by National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) and Designated Institutes (DI) in close cooperation with stakeholders interested in advanced manufacturing. The objectives of the network  are to set up a permanent stakeholder dialogue, to develop a Strategic Research Agenda for the metrology input required for advanced manufacturing technologies, to create and maintain a knowledge sharing programme and to implement a web-based service desk for stakeholders.

The EMN’s focus areas include:

  • Advanced Materials
  • Smart Manufacturing Systems
  • Manufactured Components and Products

EMN Chair

Harald Bosse, PTB, Germany

EMN Vice-Chairs

Georges Favre, LNE, France: Advanced Materials
Daniel O’Connor, NPL, UK: Smart Manufacturing Systems
Alessandro Balsamo, INRIM, Italy: Manufactured Components and Products

EMN Secretary

Anita Przyklenk, PTB, Germany


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