Paper describing work of Large Volume Metrology EMPIR project wins outstanding paper award

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Jet engine

Improving large-scale dimensional measurements for manufacturing

The project

Completed EMPIR project Large Volume Metrology Applications (17IND03, LaVA) developed improved, accurate, traceable measuring systems for operation as Large Volume Metrology tools. The work included integration of these tools into a factory coordinate metrology network. The network and tools were designed and built to be suitable for operation in typical factory environments or for permanent inclusion inside manufacturing systems such as large machine tools and industrial robots, in accordance with ISO Geometrical Product Specification standards.

The new tools and technologies offer better accuracy than existing systems, enhanced uncertainty calculation and budgeting, improved compensation methods for air refractive index, and the ability to interface with production and assembly process control, resulting in traceability, efficiency and cost improvements in industries & science facilities relying on Large Volume Metrology.

Outstanding paper award

A journal paper describing work from this EMPIR project has won the IOP Measurement Science and Technology Outstanding Paper Award 2023 for optical and laser-based techniques:

An SI-traceable multilateration coordinate measurement system with half the uncertainty of a laser tracker

Project Coordinator Andrew Lewis from NPL said

’Advanced manufacturing and assembly industries such as aerospace are always seeking improvements in their metrology systems. In particular, as aerospace industry assembles large structures from sub-assemblies manufactured in different countries, they are particularly aware of the need for metrological traceability to ensure intercompatibility is maintained. The traceable metrology systems developed in the LaVA project utilised a range of techniques, working at the leading edge of technology. It is therefore testament to the skills of the scientists and engineers that their work has been rightly recognised by the awarding of an Outstanding Paper prize in such a highly regarded journal. The award signifies that the work in the project was not only highly valued by the end users, but was highly regarded in its own right by scientific peers.’

This EMPIR project is co-funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and the EMPIR Participating States.

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