21st International Metrology Congress

Only four weeks until the International Metrology Congress opens its doors in Lyon, France.

From 7 to 10 March 2023 leading metrology experts will hold over 200 presentations and discuss research and innovation challenges in 6 round table sessions.

A number of EMPIR joint research projects provided input to the event and for the first time, visitors can meet 5 of EURAMET’s European Metrology Networks at their booth in the Metrology Village.

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News Highlights

Biomedical Eng. journal issue based on work from EMPIR drug delivery project

New calibration methods and improved knowledge for reducing fatalities caused by dosage errors

Infusion pump
New microprobes for material property measurements successfully machine tested

EMPIR project develops tactile microprobes and guidance for fast and reliable material surface measurements in industry

Fast silicon microprobe on PTB’s Profilescanner measuring a plane mirror. © U. Brand (PTB)
Fundamental nuclear decay data measurements using metallic magnetic calorimeters

Work developed on an EMPIR project has made important progress on the knowledge of electron capture decay and subsequent atomic relaxation processes

Atomic particle