Metrology for emerging wireless standards

Short Name: MEWS, Project Number: 21NRM03
Image showing the global communications network
Artists concept of the global communications network

Developing a measurement framework for performance and radio exposure in wireless networks.

The influence of wireless technology on modern life is growing, linking together the devices that make up the so-called ‘Internet of Things’ and underpinning 5G/6G networks. It is estimated that mobile subscriptions will reach 8.9 billion by 2025, with wireless technologies contributing US$12.3 trillion to the world economy by 2035. With this emergence comes the need for new standards for radio signals, systems, and transmission environments, and the radio frequency (RF) exposures they create, as well as time and cost-efficient methods of product testing the complex multi-antenna arrays used in new systems. Additionally, reliable methods are needed for measuring RF exposure from 5G systems and real-world measurement data is needed to support the development of 6G networks and products.


This project will produce metrological methods for evaluating wireless system performance and uncertainty. It will develop and test three traceable channel sounding testbeds for evaluating radio propagation in the environment and verify their performances in real-world scenarios, using modelling to validate results and generating an open access results database for use in the planning of short/medium-range wireless communication. It will develop a measurement methodology and good practice guide for exposure levels from 5G base stations and mobile phones, which will be submitted for consideration as contributions to IEC 62232 and IEC 62669. The results of this project will enable efficient and traceable measurements for wireless networks. This will accelerate the uptake and development of 5G/6G technology and improve human and environmental safety through improved understanding of RF exposure from wireless systems.


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Other Participants
Aalborg Universitet (Denmark)
Anritsu EMEA GmbH (Austria)
Beijing Jiaotong University (China)
China Academy of Information and Communication Technology (China)
Institut Mines-Telecom (France)
Keysight Technologies Belgium (Belgium)
Microwave Vision Italy S.r.L (Italy)
Nokia Networks France (France)
Queen Mary University of London (United Kingdom)
Schmid & Partner Engineering AG (Switzerland)
University of Surrey (United Kingdom)
ZTE Wistron Telecom Aktiebolag (Sweden)