Objectives TC-T Subcommittee Humidity and TC-T Working Groups

Objectives of the SC Humidity

The Sub-Committee Humidity is concerned with all issues of measurement of humidity and moisture, as well as with standards and references necessary for developing the metrology in the field.

Objectives of the TC-T Strategy Working Group

The role of the TC-T strategy working group (WGS) is to put in place the necessary structures, foster collaborations and research to ensure that the EURAMET TC-T continually meets its objective in a timely manner.

Objectives of the TC-T Best Practice Working Group

The purpose of this working group is to:

Transfer knowledge within the EURAMET member institutes, to accredited calibration laboratories and beyond. The WG monitors the current status of existing guidelines and other best practice documents and identifies needs for new ones. When technically necessary existing documents are updated, new documents are proposed and prepared. The WG monitors needs for training of NMI personnel and stakeholders. When needed, training courses or training programmes are initiated. The WG will identify needs for capacity building among the Euramet NMI TCT community, in coordination with the TCT WG Strategy.

Objectives of the TC-T Thermophysical Quantities of Materials Working Group

This working group is focused on studying issues of measurement of thermophysical quantities of materials (TQM). Its outcomes are used to enhance and support needs and developments of industry and society. This goal is achieved through mobilizing the TQM community, targeting and completing gaps of the research programs, building capacities, and disseminating scientific knowledge.

Objectives of the TC-T CMC Review Working Group

The aims and purpose of this working group are to provide input into the CCT WG-CMC for the development of protocols defining the procedure and technical criteria by which temperature, humidity and thermophysical property CMCs are reviewed. Use the agreed protocols to perform reviews of temperature, humidity and thermophysical property CMCs to verify that claimed values are realistic and to ensure consistency between laboratories. To validate temperature, humidity and thermophysical property CMCs from other RMOs to ensure consistency of the claimed values between the different metrology regions. To ensure that approved CMCs are published on the KCDB Appendix C.

Objectives of the TC-T Task Group Digitalisation

The task group is responsible for all issues of digitalisation in the areas of thermometry, moisture, humidity and the measurement of thermophysical properties.