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Volumetric and gravimetric calibration of a 20 L proving tank

Project Description

A 20 L proving tank, the property of INRIM, will be circulated among the 17 participants, who will calibrate it according to either the primary method of weighing of its pure water contents, or the secondary method of water transfer from their own volume standards, or even (at 10 double-task laboratories) with both methods.

The exercise will yield two series of volume values, on the basis of which it will be possible:

  • to determine a reliable CRV by means of the primary (gravimetric) method, to serve as a reference term for secondary (volumetric) determinations;
  • to evaluate not only the mutual compatibility among all participants, but also the intralaboratory compatibility of the double-task participants;
  • to evaluate the respective merits and typical uncertainties of the two methods, when implemented in a same laboratory with comparable care and instrumentation.

Final Report 2011-11-14

The project has been completed and the report can be downloaded here>>

The aim of the Project was twofold:
a) from the technical point of view, it had to provide an extensive comparison between the "gravimetric" (primary) method and the water transfer method ("volumetric" method) for calibration of medium-size proving tanks;
b) moreover, the Project was intended to provide for the first time a preliminary assessment of capabilities and mutual compatibilities in that measurement application between as many as 15 European countries (several of which had joined EURAMET TC Flow just recently), in view of a possible future key or supplementary comparison.
In spite of a damage occurred to the transfer standard, both aims were essentially achieved.
The opportunity of carrying out the Project within the EURAMET framework contributed greatly to the achievement of the objectives. 




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