Technical Committee for Electricity and Magnetism

The Technical Committee for Electricity and Magnetism (TC-EM) further develops the discussion of technical issues related to electrical metrology. The technical areas are important to support industry and researchers. TC-EM focuses on:

  • Realisation of the SI units of electromagnetism
  • Determination of electromagnetic constants and fundamental tests
  • Quantum electrical metrology
  • DC voltage, resistance, and current
  • AC resistance, capacitance, inductance
  • AC voltage, current, power and energy; power quality
  • High voltage and current
  • Other DC and low frequency measurements, including electric charge, phase angle, current and voltage waveform
  • Electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields
  • Radio frequency and microwave measurements;THz metrology
  • Electromagnetic properties of materials, including electrical conductivity, dielectric and magnetic properties
  • Electrical and magnetic measurements at the nanoscale

TC Chair

Markus Zeier, METAS (Switzerland)

TC-EM News

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