TC-M Subcommittee Pressure

The Subcommittee covers the following topics:

  • Realisation and dissemination of the SI unit of pressure specifically 
    • in the areas of gauge, differential and absolute pressure as well as very low gas flow related to vacuum and sealing technology; 
    • in gaseous and liquid media; 
    • as static and dynamic quantity. 
  • Improvement, development and application of pressure measurement and related technologies such as 
    • dead weight and force compensated pressure balances; 
    • liquid column manometry; 
    • static and dynamic expansion systems; 
    • pressure sensors; 
    • dimensional metrology; 
    • material study; 
    • laser interferometry and liquid density measurement; 
    • flow modelling; 
    • optical absorption spectroscopy and refractometry. 
  • Development of methods and guides for pressure calibration 
  • Comparison of pressure standards

SC Convenor

Wladimir Sabuga, PTB (Germany)

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