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Support for a European Metrology Network on quantum technologies

Short Name: EMN-Quantum, Project Number: 19NET02
Image showing a quantum technologies board
Quantum technology concept board

Accelerating implementation of a network to become the focus for metrology benefiting Europe’s nascent quantum technology industry

Driven by strategic demands for computing power and strong security, it’s likely that quantum computing and quantum secure communications will become essential parts of digital infrastructures within the next 10 to 15 years. Therefore, retaining the globally-leading position held by Europe’s quantum technology industry is considered a strategic priority. But just as quantum technologies start to reach market-readiness — notably in sensing, metrology, imaging and communications — Europe lacks a specific focus to ensure metrological activities are prioritised to best support this new industry. Standardisation, for example, is particularly important for nurturing early-stage technologies, but a more coordinated dialogue between relevant stakeholders is needed to maintain the pace of standards development.


The recently formed European Metrology Network for Quantum Technologies (EMN‑Q) was established to fulfil these needs. This project will accelerate the implementation of the network. Specifically, it will define and establish systems for effective engagement between stakeholder communities. It will then produce a strategic research agenda and sector roadmaps, and develop a knowledge-sharing programme.

Critically, it will promote and contribute to standardisation and certification processes. This will ensure the metrological needs of Europe’s quantum technology industry can be supported, so these stakeholders can be positioned to exploit the second quantum revolution.


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