EMN for Quantum Technologies

The revolutionary nature of quantum technologies holds both promise and peril for European industry and innovation.

It is vital that Europe remains at the forefront of this new field, so that it can benefit from the technological advances whilst keeping society safe and secure.

Already, several companies - including the whole range of small, medium and large enterprises - have started to develop quantum devices or have begun to integrate them into their products. Standardisation and reliability are key elements for commercial success and progress in research and development.

The European Metrology Network for Quantum Technologies provides active coordination of European measurement science research to maintain competitiveness in the field of quantum technologies.
By promoting and facilitating knowledge sharing, collaboration and the uptake of measurement science in the development of quantum technology, the EMN will establish globally accepted measurement services for quantum technologies and devices.

EMN Chair

Ivo Pietro Degiovanni, INRIM, Italy

Quantum News

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