The International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) has an e-learning platform which embraces various metrology-related training materials developed (and owned) by the BIPM and all Regional Metrology Organisations (RMOs).

The EURAMET section of the e-learning platform can be found here. The learning materials have been provided by EURAMET members and associates, including the EURAMET Secretariat and EURAMET bodies. Additionally, some projects within EURAMET research programmes and from external institutions such as universities have kindly provided access to their learning materials, free of charge.

Development of the platform was made possible by the willingness of experts and institutes to share their e-learning materials with the international NMI/DI metrology community. The project is motivated with the wish and requirement to support the capacity building in metrology institutes, especially those with emerging metrology needs. Both existing and new staff are able to benefit from the accessible training materials and it will facilitate the opening of new areas.

For EURAMET, this platform supports capacity building needs of:

  • EURAMET members and associates
  • RMOs and other institutions benefiting from open access metrology courses
  • EURAMET as the RMO

The e-learning materials cover a range of subject matters, including technical background, general topics such as quality infrastructure, the operation of EURAMET and its members, NMI/DI management and communication.

The e-training platform is free of charge, but participants have to register here >>