EMN Quantum Strategic Agenda

By 2030 quantum technologies will be ubiquitous, but we are not there yet. Today quantum technologies are being steadily deployed into mainstream marketplaces, with both large and start-up companies beginning to develop and integrate quantum devices into their product lines.

Enhancing confidence in these technologies is essential to their success. This in turn relies on validation and certification, based on internationally agreed standards and metrological traceability, implemented by independent experts. EURAMET´s European Metrology Network for Quantum Technologies supports this technological transformation.

Our Vision

To support competitiveness of the emerging European quantum industry, EURAMET’s EMN Quantum Technologies develops a European quantum metrology infrastructure by coordinating, pooling, and strengthening the national quantum metrology infrastructures.

Our Mission

To support competitiveness and innovation of the emerging European quantum industry by metrology science, services, and knowledge transfer.

What we are striving for

We bring clear direction in our strategy by defining four areas where we want to succeed. These represent for us the biggest opportunities for engagement and differentiation by

  • providing the European quantum industry access to an enlarged portfolio of coordinated services through the quantum metrology infrastructure,
  • representing European interests in standardisation and regulation for quantum technologies,
  • developing and transferring quantum measurement knowledge to the European quantum industry through research and innovation actions, and
  • coordinated research to improve measurement capabilities of the European quantum metrology infrastructure to meet the emerging industry need.

Strategy put into action

We implement our strategy through coordination of national and European actions that will enable European industry to succeed through improved reliability and interoperability of quantum technologies.

Joint research on Quantum Metrology:

realisation of units, calibration and measurement capabilities, quantum technology, standardisation, and scientific excellence. Research on quantum metrology has been supported by the European Metrology Research Programmes (EMRP and EMPIR) and now in the European Partnership on Metrology.

Coordination of national quantum metrology infrastructures: leveraging resources of European National Metrology Institutes and Designated Institutes, maintaining top-level national standards and fit-for-purpose services. The Quantum Technologies network coordinates the development of new measurement capabilities and dedicated services to meet the rapidly growing needs of the European quantum industry.