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Selected Research Topics (SRTs) for EMRP Call 2009 - Energy

The Joint Research Projctes of EMRP Call 2009 were selected for funding following a competition between the below SRTs:

SRT Number SRT Title Result
SRT01 Metrology for biofuels Funded as ENG09
SRT02 Metrology for thermal efficiency of buildings Not funded
SRT03 Metrology for energy harvesting Funded as ENG02
SRT04 Metrology for energy saving in electronic devices and electrical machines Not funded
SRT05 Metrology for improved power plant efficiency Funded as ENG06
SRT06 Metrology for fuel cells Not funded
SRT07 Characterisation of energy gases Funded as ENG01
SRT08 Metrology for smart gas distribution grids Not funded
SRT09 Metrology for solid-state lighting Funded as ENG05
SRT10 Metrology for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Funded as ENG03
SRT11 Metrology for new generation of nuclear power plants Funded as ENG08
SRT12 Metrology for fusion Not funded
SRT13 Metrology for solar cells and solar-thermal energy conversion Not funded
SRT14 Metrology for smart electrical grids Funded as ENG04
SRT15 Metrology for high-voltage direct current (HVDC) Funded as ENG07
SRT16 Metrology for wind energy conversion Not funded