EMPIR project on microfluidic devices presents at major international conference

Image showing isolated microfluidic chip is a set of micro-channels etched or molded into a glass material 3d rendered
Isolated microfluidic chip is a set of micro-channels etched or molded into a glass material 3d rendered

Developing new standards to accelerate the use of microfluidic devices in medical and pharmaceutical applications

The project

EMPIR project Establishing metrology standards in microfluidic devices (20NRM02, MFMET) is working to develop the metrology necessary to support standardisation for microfluids in medical and pharmaceutical applications. Microfluidics, concerned with fluid-handling in the nano-to-millilitre scale, is used in medical applications for on-spot diagnosis, including pregnancy, glucose, and pH tests. However, prior to the work of this project products on the market were not traceable to reference standards and well-established measurement procedures did not exist.

Micro Physiologic Systems (MPS) World Summit 2023

The work of this EMPIR project was recently presented at the MPS World Summit 2023, a major conference for the microfluidic community, with more than 1300 persons attending this year.

Members of the consortium:

  • Presented a poster entitled ‘The importance of traceability in dimensional metrology in microfluidic systems’

In addition, project coordinator Elsa Batista from IPQ chaired a session on risk management. Reflecting on how the conference had gone, she said:

"The development of Micro physiological systems is a field in exponential growth. These systems mimic human organs, allowing in vitro drug testing, which minimises the risk of adverse drug reactions. Therefore, it is very important to validate, standardise and metrologically characterise these systems. This congress provided greater visibility for the work carried out at by the EMPIR project MFMET, allowing interaction with the scientific community and manufacturers in the field of microflow and organs-on-chip." 

Full details of MPS World Summit 2023


Online book of abstracts

This EMPIR project is co-funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and the EMPIR Participating States.

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