Partnership Call 2021: Finalisation of evaluation process

The process for evaluating the 2021 Call for proposals (Stage 2) has been finalised.



Following the virtual Review Conference held in November 2021, where external independent referees evaluated and ranked the proposals, the Partnership Committee recommended, and Board of Directors agreed on a final list of selected projects to fund.



The following project proposals have been selected and will be invited for contract negotiation:


Green Deal:

  • Metrology support for carbon capture utilisation and storage
  • Metrology for the harmonisation of measurements of environmental pollutants in Europe
  • Metrological traceability of measurement data from nano to small-microplastics for a greener environment and food safety
  • Metrology for multi-scale monitoring of soil moisture
  • Metrology for the hydrogen supply chain
  • In operando metrology for energy storage materials
  • Metrological framework for passive radiative cooling technologies
  • Metrology for Earth Biosphere: Cosmic rays, ultraviolet radiation and fragility of ozone shield
  • Metrology for European emissions verification on methane isotopes


  • Metrology for digital substation instrumentation
  • Protocol for SI-traceable validation of methods for biomethane conformity assessment
  • Metrology for emerging wireless standards
  • Support for the standardisation of luminance distribution measurements for assessing glare and obtrusive light using high-dynamic-range imaging systems


EURAMET would like to thank the following referees who evaluated the stage 2 proposals in 2021:

Antoine Abou Fayad

Ivan Lloro

Burak Akin

Maria Losurdo

Mihaela Albu

Dariusz Lukaszewski

Kristinn Andersen

Robert R J Maier

Daniela Axinte

Nelson Martins

Tomasz Bakon

Theodoros Mertzimekis

Jens Bender

Mircea Modreanu

Jasmina Casals-Terre

Zilvinas Nakutis

Sjef Cobben

Manfred Niehus

Marija Cundeva-Blajer

Francesco Pellicano

Robin Curry

Milica Petrovic

Rick de Leeuw

Gerhard Pevny

Raffaella Di Sante

Mauro Pravettoni

Zita Julianna Dibaczi

Victoria Ramos

Armando Duarte

Danijela Randjelovic

Serpil Edebali

David Rodriguez-Lazaro

Catherine Freissinet

Peter Rolfe

Nicola Giglietto

Tatjana Sibalija

Bernard Gindroz

Irena Sielamowicz

Carsten Glasenapp

Georgios Sirakoulis

Jan Gorecki

Vladimir Slugen

Kenneth Grattan

Olga Stajdohar-Paden

Monika Inkret

Milada Stastna

Tamara Jakovljevic

Herbert Thanner

Piotr Jasinski

Arto Toppinen

Pekka Katila

Wilfried Van Sark

Jaroslaw Koperski

Michel Vieillefosse

Aphrodite Ktena

Rudi Voncina

Martin Lawrence

Pavlina Yonchina

Jean-Paul Lefevre


The 61 referees consisted of 40 men (65.6 %), 21 women (34.4 %) and represented 25 different nationalities.


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